The Art of Turning Views into Leads With Personal Branding ~ Who Are You?

Posted on April 9, 2018 by Lisa Phillips

Is it fair to say that there are two types of people?  Those who bask in promoting themselves and everyone else?

Who are you? Which group do you see yourself in?  Whichever you relate to, a moment of self-reflection and honesty could be of ‘real’ value personally and professionally. Because whether we intend to shape the perceptions others have of us, or we don’t give it a second thought, we are still projecting who we are.  This IS our personal branding.

It’s easy to craft personal branding that reflects our true selves.  Getting this right can be satisfying and valuable in your personal and professional endeavors. Are you in?  Let’s do it!!

Who are you projecting? Is it your true self?  Can you fine-tune this personification and be intentional about who you’re being perceived as?  Does it even matter?

Let’s tackle the last question first.  YES! Who you are matters!  Being seen for who we are meets a need that leads to opportunities for community, connection, and business. Trying to be someone you’re not is a waste of precious time and cripples self-esteem.  In the long run, people figure out who we are and you owe it to yourself to be honest.

Make it easier for others to get to know you. Fast-track your connections and influence to turn views into leads.  Taking personal branding on is simple. All it takes is clarity, authenticity and articulation. This is the framework that tells people who you are.

Gaining Clarity

‘Clarity’ is one of my favorite words.  Clarity simplifies thoughts and relationships, stops mind loops and keeps us moving forward.  It seems obvious, yet somehow I missed this life lesson until middle age.

How does one gain clarity to better know yourself and answer the question: Who are you?  Don’t fall into the ‘title trap’. Who you are isn’t a degree, marital status, award, or position. AKA: Dr., Mrs., Father, etc. We’re looking for meaning here.

Take a moment to explore who you are in relationship to what you value.  (Not who you value.) What brings you joy and puts a smile on your face?

For me, I value empowering people.  Having clarity about this brings me joy and a sense of peace.  It is literally at my core and has been there my entire life.  Without being conscious of it I believe it has driven many of my life’s choices.  I could have gotten where I intended to go quicker and with less confusion had I sought self clarity long ago. Oh well… it’s all about the journey, right?

Because I came to this realization later in life, I find myself trying to make up for lost time and now I value clarity with a passion! It helps to align me with the right people and affiliations personally and professionally.  It is my trusted internal honing device.  Speaking of alignment, another benefit is that this personal insight has resolved any past inner conflict between my heart and mind in regards to my life choices.

Be’ing Authentic

Shakespeare had it right when he wrote, ‘To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man’🤔 I SOOOO get this now…

Be’ing authentic is scary for some who value a false self because they believe they would not be accepted for who they are.  I get it… but, seriously in the modern world is there really a possibility that being authentic will lead to utter rejection? Rejection is always a possibility. It’s better to know where we fit in and seek community there rather than try to fit in by pretending to be someone we aren’t.

Now we’re getting to the next question. Can you be intentional about projecting who you really are?  YES!! Not only CAN you but it’s a missed opportunity if you don’t.

Personal authenticity is critical when it comes to our legacy. Are you creating your legacy by design or default?  Take a few minutes and contemplate these questions:

  1. What is the legacy I have created thus far?
  2. How do I contribute to those around me?
  3. What is the legacy I want to leave?

Being authentic and intentional will manifest a clear and meaningful legacy for your family and friends.

In business authenticity is highly valued and rewarded.  It’s the foundation for building your ‘know, like, and trust’ factors. Founders, owners, and CEOs who act as spokespeople for their own corporations are able to propel their companies in personal ways, uniquely shaping perceptions and increasing massive corporate value through enormous sales.  Think Gwyneth Paltrow, Gary Vaynerchuk, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, and Martha Stewart.

I selected these 6 people not because or their celebrity but because you are probably familiar with some or all of them. Whether you like or dislike them, you most likely have a clear picture of who they are.  Furthermore, IF you do like them, then I would submit that they have succeeded in building their know, like, and trust factors with you. If they create a product that interest to you chances are that you will gladly purchase it.

No matter at what point you are in your professional arc being authentic will serve you well in every possible scenario.  From staying with your current job, to leaving your position/company, changing careers, or seeking new opportunities the potential for connection through authenticity is a unique personal asset you can leverage.

Building an authentic, recognizable personal brand opens professional opportunities.  It is never too late to begin cultivating and projecting it and benefiting from doing so.


Taking personal branding into your professional world is an art achieved through articulation. There is simply no way to do it unless you use the right words.  Finding and using just the right phrases when telling people who you are can be the single most valuable marketing skill you have.

Have you spent hours trying to figure someone out?  Wouldn’t you like to have every one of those minutes back? I sure would! To that point, let’s add brevity to articulation.

You’ll know when you’ve come up with just the right combination of words that answers, who are you?  It will but a smile on your face and you can wrap yourself up in it just like your favorite pair of jeans.

When people are looking to get to know me professionally on LinkedIn my profile greets them with this:

‘Empowering CEOs, brands, and thought leaders with the knowledge, support, and expertise needed to replace the pain and mystery of marketing with fun and growth.’

I would love to know who you are!  Message me!!


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